Bitumen VG30

Bitumen VG30 is a standard viscosity grade bitumen usually used as a paving grade bitumen suitable for road construction and surface dressing of pavements in cold climate as per following technical specification.

Analysis Unit Limit
Absolute Viscosity at 60˚C,Poises Min. 2400 IS 1206 (Part 2)
Kinematic Viscosity at 135˚C,cst Min. 250 IS 1206 (Part 3)
Flash Point (Cleveland Open Cup),˚C Min. 220 IS 1209
Solubility in Trichloroethylene,% Min. 99 IS 1206
Softening Point (R&B) ,˚C Min. 40 IS 1205
Penetration@25˚C ,0.1 mm 100 gm,5 Sec. 50-70 IS 1203
Test on Residue from thin film oven tests /RTFOT
Viscosity Ratio at 60˚C Max. 4.0 IS 1206 (Part 2)
Ductility at 25˚C,Cm,after thin film over test Min. 40 IS 1208
Specific Gravity@27/27˚C Min. 0.99 IS 1202

Definition of bitumen penetration Bitumen VG30

It is a kind of bitumen, which is provided during the process of oxidation of vacuum bottom the bitumen production feedstock that derives from distillation tower residue in vacuum oil refineries at bitumen production units. In a manner that its Viscosity point . The main common usage of this product is in road making at temperate regions.

Bitumen VG-30 is mostly utilized in spraying usages such as surface dressing and also paving in cold weather as a replacement for old 80/100 Penetration grade. It can also be used in the production line of Bitumen Emulsion and Modified Bitumen types. Bitumen VG10 can be used for producing some kind of asphalt primer and Waterproofing products as well.

Application of bitumen penetration grade VG10

Viscosity Grade Bitumen (asphalt) is known to be a suitable paving grade bitumen suitable for road construction and for the production of pavement asphalts with controlled properties.

Iran Bitumen Groupe Grade VG 10 is a standard viscosity grade Bitumen usually used as a paving Bitumen suitable for road construction and other industrial purposes. This grade of Bitumen is mainly used in the manufacture of hot mix asphalt for bases especially in cold climate and wearing courses.

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