bitumen 60/70 in iran

In this article we are going to gain some information about 60/70 bitumen, and see what bitumen is and how it is produced. Let us also talk to you about the selling prices of bitumen to know what the price of bitumen is in Iran Bitumen company, and also in this article, you will learn about how to work with our company, as well as about the features of cooperation and advantages that our company will give you if you provide goods from us.

What is 60/70 bitumen?

As we all know bitumen is an oil product, Iran bitumen is ready to provide you the high-quality products which are mentioned below:

60/70 bitumen packaging

Standard export barrels 160 kg

Standard export barrels 190 kg

Standard export barrels 210 kg

Standard export barrels 240 kg

Packed in flex molds in high and different volumes

Packed in pallets

Bitumen in bulk

bitumen 60-70

60/ 70 bitumen usage:

If we are willing to know what functions the 60 by 70 bitumen has and where it is used more. It can be said that 60/70 bitumen is a type of penetrating bitumen. Due to this feature, the use of 60/ 70 bitumen is more in asphalt and road construction industry. The important thing about these kinds of bitumen is suitable for the places in which the weather is normal, and if it is kept in such places it will Show better longevity and resistance to weather. And now Iran bitumen company is ready to provide this kind of bitumen with the best quality and in various packaging to all around the world.


How to buy bitumen from Iran?

Iran bitumen company is ready to receive your orders from anywhere on this planet for 60/70 bitumen as well as other types of bitumen and offer you with the best quality. Iran bitumen is proud to offer you the best quality for your need in every amount. In fact, Iran bitumen company has considered some advantages for you buying the 60 / 70 bitumen which you can get more information about by contacting our experts.


Iran bitumen services

In addition to services for buying 60/70 bitumen, Iran bitumen is ready to make it easy for you to buy any kind of bitumen. In fact, Iran bitumen company with the team of experts in the necessary fields is ready to respond 24 hours a day to serve you better and more accurately. In fact, Iran Bitumen Company, in the process of purchasing 60/70 bitumen or any other type of bitumen with its experts, gives you the assurance of what stage your order products are at, and by concluding a completely two-way contract, this assurance and comfort is to make you trust us more. The services Iran bitumen can offer you for buying 60/70 bitumen or any other kind are mentioned below:

Sales in any type and in any packaging that the customers want for example, whether in bulk or any other type.

High commitment to all that the customer has asked us for.

It has a fully bilateral and multilingual agreement in which they have complied with international law with all the remarks.

Both sales online and in person

Experts fluent in English for responding to you dear customers.

Suitable prices

Offering the best quality of bitumen

Offering the best services

It is now time to talk about how the bitumen is produced in Iran bitumen company and inform you about different stages of this process, Then we are going to mention and summarize the price and cost of this process.


How to produce 60/70 bitumen?

Bitumen is a black and pasty material that is used in moisture insulation and asphalt construction. Bitumen has various types and each type has a particular function. Bitumen is an oil derivative and is often produced in oil refineries. Bitumen is a dense, highly viscous, oil-derived hydrocarbon that is classified into two main types. The first type is natural which is found under the hills and oil lakes and the other one is refined bitumen is the result of the deposition of crude oil

Bitumen (emulsion bitumen) is obtained by mixing bitumen and water and an emulsifier. The amount of emulsifier is very small and is about 0.3 to 0.5% by weight of bitumen. The amount of consumed water of this bitumen is approximately 30 to 50 percent of the bitumen weight, the emulsifier is usually an alkaline salt of organic acids or ammonium salts that cause bitumen particles to be charged. In this way, the bitumen particles repel each other due to the induced load and float in water in the form of spheres with a diameter of one hundred to one thousandth of a millimeter. Using this kind of bitumen will lead to decreasing the pollution in the environment and because no oil or flammable solvents are used there is no danger of catching fire in shipping. Emulsion bitumen is used for cold asphalt in humid environments or for insulation, in which case water must be added again and its content reduced to about 65%. This was how to make bitumen and a brief description of it.


What is the final price of 60/70 bitumen?

If we want to inform you about the price, we need to say that the price depends on the amount you order, for more information about our products and services you can contact our experts in Iran bitumen company to experience the best purchase of 60 / 70 bitumen in Iran bitumen company.